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Schools & Roads

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30+ years ago, a school from Pulau Merlimau moved to mainland Singapore, Taman Jurong. 
It was named Merlimau Primary School. There was a time, where Yuan Chin Sec Sch, Yung An Pri Sch
and Merlimau Pri Sch share a common football field. Sometime, we would quarrel with one another,
but on National Day, we would crowd around the football field celebrating National Day together with lots goodies bag.

Many years ago, Yuan Ching Secondary School took over the buildings of Merlimau & Yong An Pri Sch.
Both Merlimau & Yong An Pri Sch had merged together and renamed as Lakeside Primary School,
school uniform had changed, history had gone.


Nanyang Technological University (NTU)  Jalan Bahar Rd

Jurong Junior Colleague Jurong West Avenue 1

Informatics Campus      Jurong Town Hall Rd

Secondary School

Boon Lay                     Jurong West Street 65

Commonwealth          Jurong East Street 24

Fuhua                         Jurong West Street 41

Huayi                          Jurong West Street 42

Hong Kah                   Jurong West Street 42

Jurong                        Yuan Ching Road

Jurong West               Boon Lay Way

Jurongville                  Jurong East Ave 1

Juying                         Jurong West Street 91

Pioneer                       Jurong West Street 81

Shuqun                       Jurong East Street 21

Westwood                  Jurong West Street 25

Yuan Ching                 Yuan Ching Road

Yuhua                         Jurong West Street 41

Primary School

Boon Lay                      Jurong East Street 32

Boon Lay Garden          Boon Lay Drive

Corporation                  Jurong West Street 24

Fuhua                          Jurong East Street 13

Grace Orchard              Boon Lay Ave

Jurong                         Jurong East Ave 1 (Move to Jurong East St 32)

Jurong Town                 Yuan Ching Road

Jurong West                Jurong West Street 61

Juying                          Jurong West Street 91

Lakeside                      Corporation Drive

Merlimau                      Yuan Ching Road (Merge as Lakeside Pri Sch)

Pioneer                         Jurong West Street 81

Rulang                          Jurong West Street 52

Shuqun                         Jurong West Street 51

West Grove                   Jurong West Street 72

Yung An                        Yuan Ching Road (Merge as Lakeside Pri Sch)

Yuhua                           Jurong East Street 24

Roads in Jurong

Jurong West Avenue & Streets  

Jurong West Avenue 1 2 3 4 5

Jurong West Central 1 2 3

Jurong West Street 21 22 23 24 25

Jurong West Street 41 42

Jurong West Street 51 52

Jurong West Street 61 62 63 64 65

Jurong West Street 71 72 73 74 75 76

Jurong West Street 81 82

Jurong West Street 91 92 93

Jurong Canal Drive boundary between Jurong West and Jurong East

Jurong East Avenue & Streets

Jurong East Avenue 1

Jurong East Central 1

Jurong East Street 11 12 13

Jurong East Street 21 24

Jurong East Street 31 32

Jurong Group

Jurong Hill

Jurong Island Highway

Jurong Pier Road

Jurong Port Road

Jurong Road

Jurong Road Track 18 20 22

Jurong Town Hall Road 

Upper Jurong Road

Corporation Group

Corporation Road boundary between Jurong West and Boon Lay

Corporation Drive

Corporation Rise

Corporation Walk

Boon Lay Group of Mr Chew Boon Lay

Boon Lay Avenue

Boon Lay Drive

Boon Lay Place

Boon Lay Way boundary between  Jurong West and Taman Jurong

Ching Family in Taman Jurong

Yuan Ching Road

Kang Ching Road

Tah Ching Road

Ho Ching Road

Tao Ching Road

Hu Ching Road

Yung Family in Taman Jurong

Yung An Road

Yung Sheng Road

Yung Kuang Road

Yung Ho Road

Jurong Industrial Area

Benoi Crescent, Lane, Place, Road, Sector

Chin Bee Avenue, Crescent, Drive, Road, Road (2nd, 3rd, 4th)

Gul Avenue, Circle, Crescent, Drive, Lane, Link, Road, Street 1 2 3 4 5, Way

Joo Koon Circle, Crescent, Road, Way

Kian Teck Avenue , Drive, Lane, Road, Way

Lok Yang Way, Road (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th)

Road Names after famous people

Mr Lim Chong Pang

Mr Lim Nee Soon

Mr Chew Boon Lay

Mr Ong Sam Leong

Mr Neo Tiew check